At Discount Tree Service we offer stump grinding. Whether you have a tree already removed and need the stump grounded or you need the whole tree and stump removed, we can do it all. Our stump grinding process is available to those in the Ft Lauderdale area.

Discount Tree Service Stump Grinding EquipmentYou can also hire us to remove your tree but if you just have stumps we can get those removed as well. Our stump grinding machines can eat away at any stump in almost any location.

The process itself is pretty simple, but we take our time to make sure the stump is removed safely. We don’t charge by the hour which means if your stump takes more work and effort than we quoted you for, you don’t have to pay for that.

Most of our stump jobs can be done on the same day and only take a few hours at the most.

Why Should You Hire Us For Your Stump Grinding?

  • We have been doing this since 2004.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We can get rid of your stump quickly.
  • We remove all debris so the area looks good.
  • We offer senior and military discounts
  • We charge by the stump not by the hour.

We know that removing a stump can be time consuming and if you are trying to do it with a shovel, it may take you more time and effort than you could imagine. With our stump removal equipment we can get your stumps out quickly.

Give us a call today to schedule your stump grinding service – (954) 289-2150